We are attorneys who represent the owners and users of commercial, industrial and investment-grade real estate in Illinois and Indiana, with a special emphasis on Cook County, Illinois.

During the past quarter century, we have developed innovative techniques and considerable capabilities in the valuation aspects of property taxation. Due to that, we have been able to achieve exceptional assessment levels for our clients.

If you would like to talk about a particular tax situation, I am in my office most mornings for telephone consultations and meetings. I am also available via e-mail, all day. Meetings can be set up for other times at one of my offices or at a subject property.


John P. Fitzgerald

John Patrick Fitzgerald
Attorney at Law
(312) 346-3000

Our Services

  • Property Tax Appeals / Litigation
  • Property Tax Incentives
  • TIF Financing
  • Property Tax Projections
  • Property Tax Redemptions

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Most Common Questions

Why the Fitzgerald Law Group

Fitzgerald provides the highest level of service to our clients. It is our policy to keep them continuously updated and informed of all substantive developments in their case. In furtherance of that, we are available at all times to discuss any and all issues which may bear upon an ongoing property tax matter.

The results we obtain for our clients’ arise from having established and always striving to maintain, a reputation for excellence, professionalism and integrity with local taxing officials. Our methodologies address the effect of functional / economic obsolesce, environmental regulations and the effect of evolving technologies upon the value of real estate. The experts we engage are well versed in these theories of relief and are prepared to testify to that effect, if called upon.

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