The tax authorities in Portugal have decided to increase property tax on residences that offer a good view.

People wait at the employment center to open in Sintra, Portugal. © Hugo CorreiaSpain & Portugal avoid budget fines
The tax on an apartment with decent views and facing south may go up 20 percent, reports The Portugal News.

At the same time, the levy on dwellings overlooking a cemetery, or located on the ground floor, or facing north may be reduced by 10 percent. The degree of a so-called noise pollution will be reportedly factored into the tax calculations.

The measure will only affect newly built properties as well as the property currently being reappraised.

The step does not aim to gain additional revenue, but rather to tax people according to the homes and luxuries they enjoy, according to State Secretary for Finance Rocha Andrade, as quoted by the daily.

“Our objective is firstly to introduce greater fiscal equity,” he said, stressing that the measure would more precisely reflect the variations in current house prices.

Most residential blocks built in Portugal within the last ten years face south to maximize exposure to the sun for energy reasons.