I’m reading “Delaware’s Odd, Beautiful, Contentious, Private Utopia/Arden is a suburb, an artist’s colony, and a radical political experiment” by Jesse Walker at Reason.com.

I’m reading about Arden — here, in pre-dawn Madison, Wisconsin — because Meade and I were talking about growing up in the early 1960s, when you saw lots of kids outside playing all the time.

The Arden Store, on the edge of Arden, was about 3 blocks from where I lived, in what Reason called the “ordinary suburban landscape.” We thought of Arden as a strange place, where the artists lived and where taxation was very different.

The Single Taxers were followers of Henry George, a 19th century economist who argued that government should be financed solely by a tax on land values. No income tax, no sales tax, no tax on the improvements to a property—just one tax on land. The campaigners crisscrossed the state in armbands, knapsacks, and Union Army uniforms, delivering streetcorner speeches and singing Single Tax songs (“Get the landlords off your backs/With our little Single Tax/And there’s lots of fun ahead for Delaware!”)…. The invasion was a flop….