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Property Taxes and Local Government are the Keys to the LA Real Estate Market

By: Michael Polk 

Have you ever opened your property tax bill and, after looking it over, wondered how they come up with that amount? Or, who “they” are? Maybe you called the tax collector’s office and complained that your taxes are too high. You were likely directed to the tax assessor next.
California’s unique property tax system treats all […]

The Pending Property Tax Predicament

By: John Hallacy
October 22, 2018

Of all the human-made contrivances in the world, few can compete with the elaborate and complex treatment of the property tax. This is the one tax that generally is locally controlled. However, the host state most often sets the parameters under which the locality may craft its own tax plan. Now […]

Porter County, Indiana Assessor Indicted…Technical Violation

The Porter County assessor was indicted Friday on misdemeanor tax charges related to his private business.

Jon Snyder, 42, was charged in federal court in Hammond for alleged failure to supply information to the IRS, according to court documents unsealed Friday. The charges are related to his private business, Shoreline Appraisals, and not his role as […]

State Guide to Taxes

Updated October 2018 by Kiplinger
State-by-State Guide to Taxes

Compare state tax rates and rules — on income, ordinary purchases, gas, sin products, property, and more — across the U.S.

Click on any state in the map below for a detailed summary of state taxes on income, property, and everything you buy. View additional maps below, including our […]

Protected: Development Projects Status

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Data Centers

by: Benjamin Blair,  Attorney at Law

As more of our financial and personal lives run through digital networks, skyrocketing demand for data centers has developers racing to deliver new supply. Private equity and REIT financing are fueling rapid growth amid highly publicized merger and acquisition activity. But when the public’s eye turns to the high prices […]

Nashville Puts Moratorium On New Development Incentives

Metro Nashville leaders have agreed to place a moratorium on issuing new development incentives known as tax-increment financing over the next year as part of a compromise with the Metro Council, where the development tool is under scrutiny. 
At-large Councilman Bob Mendes, who has led a legislative attempt to overhaul Nashville’s TIF system, announced the moratorium during the council’s Budget […]

Is a Reassessment coming to Ireland?

The Local Property Tax is being slowly choked to death
The Government seems to be on a course that will stunt the usefulness of the tax

Jim O’Leary


“The problem is clear. Residential property values are much higher now than when the tax was introduced.” File photograph: Getty Images

The Local Property Tax dates from mid-2013. In terms of […]


Congrats to my son for passing the Illinois bar exam. First try of course. 

Hospital Tax Exemption

By Scott Metcalf, Ares Dalianis, and Michael Hernandez 

Today, the Illinois Supreme Court issued a decision in Oswald v. Hamer marking the latest chapter in a controversy dating to 2003. The decision finds that Section 15-86 of the Illinois Property Tax Code, which provides a special charitable property tax exemption for hospitals, is facially constitutional. Given […]