“The root of all evil in this state is how we underfund our schools,” Kennedy said. “We have terrible educational outcomes.”

He said that “every state with good outcomes” pays for education at the state level, while property taxes pay most educational costs in Illinois.

He said the system is “damning the next generation of Illinoisans, where we have massive disinvestment in education, where we’re creating an education underclass. …”

“The reason we preserve that broken system that relies on property taxes is because our elected officials are allowed to be property-tax appeals lawyers,” he said — naming the outside business of, among perhaps a few others, House Speaker MICHAEL MADIGAN, D-Chicago, who also chairs the Democratic Party of Illinois.

“That shouldn’t be allowed,” Kennedy said. “We don’t let our congressmen do that. … We shouldn’t allow our state reps and our state senators (to) do it. Until we get the dirty money out of politics, we’ll never get the dirty politicians out of government, and we’ll preserve a system that’s damning the next generation of kids in Illinois. … If you’re an elected official, you shouldn’t be allowed to have an outside job that’s adverse to the interest of the body you were elected to serve. … You shouldn’t be a property-tax appeals lawyer, ’cause you’re destroying the next generation of kids in Illinois. We can’t let that happen.”