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Former Cook County Assessor Thomas C. Hynes R.I.P.

A friend and mentor to many. He ran the Cook County Assessor’s Office for 18 years without a scandal. He ran it in a manner which was innovative in terms of public policy and was constantly pushing for newer and better technology. 

Tax Track System

The PropertyTax.com database (Tax Track System) has been successfully migrated to a more secure and faster platform, with much more capacity. The switch was completed ahead of the December 31 target. A special thanks to our database consultant and our staff members who saw the project through.


Congrats to my son for passing the Illinois bar exam. First try of course. 

A Happy Client

I have many happy clients but this is a first. Thank you

Next generation being launched!

Congratulations to my son on his graduation from The  John Marshall Law School in Chicago. 

So long Karla

Today, we are losing one of our best and brightest. Karla Quiroga came here three years ago for what was supposed to be a gig to get her through the semester. Lucky for us she never left.
Karla just graduated from the University of Illinois / Chicago with a degree in finance and is now off […]

Protected: Chicago Development Study

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Words of an Urban Planner

Leading change: Seven tips from two decades of civic and personal reinvention

Throughout MPC’s 82-year tenure, the region has faced many fiscal, political and cultural challenges. Our job is to help Chicagoland face these challenges head on, and grow stronger in spite of and because of them.

December 16, 2016

As the middle child of five, growing up, […]

What Every Attorney Should Know About Appealing Their Client’s Real Estate Taxes

Below is an article which is a little dated but still substantially accurate. 

As Re-printed from the CBA Record – January, 2004

What Every Attorney Should Know About Appealing Their Client’s Real Estate Taxes
Although there are many issues, concerns and concepts which cannot be detailed in a brief article about the real estate tax assessment area, we […]