1.  Client will always be kept fully apprised as to all substantive developments in the matter. Client is encouraged to communicate  with

       Attorney whenever they have a question about any aspect of this engagement. Upon Client’s request, Attorney will return all original 

       documentation which has been supplied by Client.  All correspondence, forms, briefs, worksheets, and  supporting documentation are

       part of the Attorney’s work product and shall remain the property of Attorney. Client acknowledges the substantial amount of effort in 

       terms of time incurred by Attorney in preparing the case.  Accordingly, Client agrees to fully cooperate with Attorney during all aspects 

       of this case. 

  2.  Client is advised that assessing officials (Assessor, Board of Review, Property Tax Appeal Board and/or the Circuit Court) have the

       authority  to increase  the assessed valuation, either upon their own  discretion or upon  intervention by a taxing body or  taxpayer.

       Being fully informed of this, Client directs Attorney to proceed with the tax assessment appeal(s) as outlined in this Agreement.

  3.  In  the  event  Attorney and Client  subsequently  agree,  this  Contract  may  be extended  for an  indefinite  number of  three-year

       assessment periods, beginning with the next triennial reassessment year. The parties agree that executed copies of this agreement

       which have been emailed, shall be considered valid and enforceable.

  4.  Assessed valuation reductions are generally in effect for the balance of the triennial assessment period unless identified as being in 

       effect for a lesser period or if subsequently adjusted (trending) by assessing  officials.  In the event that such a trending  adjustment 

       results in an increase in the assessed valuation, Attorney shall have the option to file subsequent appeals contesting  the assessed 

       valuation.  Client agrees that such subsequent trending adjustments will not  invalidate any pre-existing  contractual obligations with

       respect to billing for reductions obtained or maintained during the term of this Agreement or extensions thereof. 

  5.  In  the event that a balance  remains  unpaid thirty  (30)  days after  issuance of a  statement,  Client’s unpaid  balance will  incur an  

       additional charge of 1.5% per month (compounded) until paid.  In the event of a transfer of any Client interest in the subject real 

       estate, termination of Client’s leasehold interest in  the subject  real estate,  foreclosure, or  termination of this  Agreement by Client,

       prior to the end of the triennial period, all earned fees (including those for the current triennial years, which have yet to be billed) shall

       become due and payable immediately.  Payment to Attorney is via check, EFT, or letter of credit drawn on a U.S. bank.

  6.  Attorney shall have the option, with written notice to Client, to cease all legal representation in the event of Client’s material breach 

       of any of the covenants or conditions contained within this Agreement.  

  7.  The  parties  agree that any disputes,  claims  or  controversies arising  out of or in any  way related to  this contract, or  the breach,

       enforcement or  validity thereof,  shall be  resolved  by binding  arbitration  administered by  ADR  Systems. The  arbitration  will  be

       conducted in accordance with the ADR Systems Rules of Commercial Arbitration and the ADR Systems Commercial Fee Schedule 

       in effect at the  time of filing the  demand for arbitration.  Either party may commence  the  arbitration by  filing a written  demand for 

       arbitration with  ADR  Systems along  with the  requisite filing fee.  The parties covenant  that they shall participate in the arbitration 

       in good faith and that they will share equally in the costs,  unless decided otherwise as part of the Arbitral Award. The  arbitration will 

       take place in  [desired location],  before one arbitrator  selected from  ADR  Systems’  Commercial  Panel in  accordance with  ADR

       Systems’ procedures for the appointment of arbitrators. The award rendered by the arbitrator is final and binding, and may be entered

       into any court having jurisdiction thereof. Any court of competent jurisdiction may enforce the provisions of this paragraph. The party

       seeking  enforcement is  entitled  to an  award of  all costs,  fees  and  expenses, including  attorney’s  fees, to be  paid by the party

       against whom enforcement is ordered.

 8.   Client acknowledges that  this  contract, and  the covenants contained within, or the obligations created pursuit to this contract, shall not

       be assignable to a subsequent owner and / or lessee without the prior written consent of Attorney.

 9.  Client agrees to cooperate  with Attorney in  all aspects of the  tax refund process.   In the event that  tax payments are  made by a

       tenant, escrow agent, landlord or mortgagee, Client is charged with and accepts responsibility for obtaining their full co-operation in

      order to obtain the tax refund. Client grants Attorney a lien against all tax refunds arising from a client’s interest in a real estate parcel.

      Client grants Attorney a Power of Attorney for the limited purpose of endorsing all refund checks, depositing same into Client’s Fund

      Account, and distribute such funds in accordance with this current and prior agreement, if applicable, or apply the surplus to any

      Client balance which remains outstanding. Client acknowledges the Treasurer will issue the refund check to the payer only and

      in recognition of such hereby directs that the aforesaid Power of Attorney shall be applicable to refund checks made payable to

      those that paid Client’s tax bill. It shall be Client’s responsibility to inform the payer of the aforesaid Power of Attorney.              

10. Client is advised to  pay their  tax bill(s) in a  timely manner  unless advised  otherwise by  Attorney in writing.