ATLANTA — A tax revolt in Fulton County could now impact every single property owner in Georgia.

Some residents got major sticker shock with increases up to 300 percent after recent property appraisals. Now, state lawmakers say it’s time to do something about it. And that could mean a very different conversation Monday among state lawmakers.

After thousands of property owners saw their assessments skyrocket, lawmakers want to see what they can do to ensure it never happens again.

“The laws are stupid. The laws are really stupid to say that because my house tripled in value my income tripled in value,” Board of Assessors member R.J. Morris said. “What idiot thought of that?”

Morris said that at this point, the only remedy is for the legislature to pass a property tax cap that would stop dramatic increases. About half of the states in the country use the method. Florida is at 1 percent and Texas at 10 percent. The point is that property owners wouldn’t see spikes like 247 percent for one homeowner in Fulton County.

“That is ridiculous, that is Draconian, that is something out of the middle ages,” Morris said.

Lawmakers from Fulton County said they’re already working on a proposal that would either place a cap on property taxes across the state or provide some relief to struggling homeowners.

State Representative Deb Silcox said she supports a cap and State Senator John Albers is hosting a Senate committee meeting Monday, with an eye on drafting legislation.

“Let’s figure it out, let’s do it the right way,” Morris said.

Given the skyrocketing increases, Morris says this needs to be a priority for elected lawmakers in the state.

“Without a doubt, if there’s not a change in the law, there needs to be a change in the legislators,” Morris said.

The Senate State and Local Government Operations Committee meets Monday at 4 p.m. at Roswell City Hall.  The public is invited to attend.