Who Are We?

We are attorneys who represent the owners, users and managers of commercial, industrial and investment-grade real estate; located in Illinois and Indiana, with a particular emphasis on Cook County, Illinois.

During the past thirty-plus years, we have developed innovative techniques, cutting-edge software and considerable capabilities in the valuation aspects of property taxation. Due to that, we have established a solid record of obtaining exceptional assessment levels for our clients.

If you would like to discuss a particular ad valorem tax situation, I am in my office most mornings for telephone consultations. I am also available via e-mail, all day. Meetings can be set up at one of my offices, at a subject property or via ZOOM.


John P. Fitzgerald
Attorney at Law
(312) 346-3000

Our Goal

To reduce our client’s property tax obligations in an ethical and cost-effective manner.

Our Services

Fitzgerald Law Group offers the following services:

  • Property Tax Appeals / Litigation
  • Property Tax Incentives
  • Property Tax Exemptions
  • Property Tax Projections and Advice

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Offices in Chicago & Burr Ridge, Illinois
Telephone or Text: (312) 346-3000
E-mail: jpf@fitzgeraldlg.com
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