Who Are We?

We are attorneys who represent the owners, users and managers of commercial, industrial and investment-grade real estate in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, with a particular emphasis on Cook County, Illinois.

During the past thirty-plus years, we have developed innovative techniques, cutting-edge software and considerable capabilities in the valuation aspects of property taxation. Due to that, we have been able to obtain exceptional assessment levels for our clients.

If you would like to discuss a particular ad valorem tax situation, I am in my office most mornings for telephone consultations. I am available via e-mail, during the day. Meetings can be set up at my office, at a subject property or via ZOOM.

With regards to appeals for single family residences; except for the personal residences of our commercial clients, we do not  handle such appeals.


John P. Fitzgerald
Attorney at Law
(312) 346-3000

Our Mission

To reduce our client’s property tax obligations in an ethical and cost-effective manner.

Our Services

Fitzgerald Law Group offers the following services:

  • Property Tax Appeals / Litigation
  • Property Tax Incentives & Exemptions
  • Property Tax Email Bulletins
  • Property Tax Projections and Advice

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Our property tax bill was increasing year after year. We retained Mary Kate Fitzgerald and she eliminated all of the tax increases. Then she went to court and obtained a sizable refund.

Brian Slater, New City Moving, Chicago
Jan Schaefer, Waldmann Lighting Co. Wheeling, Illinois

We have worked with Jack Fitzgerald on the acquisition and eventual sale and leaseback of buildings and land in Cook County.  His firm was knowledgeable, professional, and we have been very happy with his advice and the results obtained.  I highly recommend Fitzgerald Law Group for your property tax issues.

Kevin O'Shea, EMS, Cook County

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