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WPTA Webinar

The Women’s Property Tax Association will be presenting a free webinar on June 11, 2020. The topic is Rules of the Pilot Specific Objection Virtual Prove Up Program.

Thursday, June 11, 2020
10:00 am – Noon

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, we must find new ways to move cases currently pending, while still protecting our health. The Circuit Court of Cook County, along with practicing attorneys, is taking steps to ensure that this can be done.

On June 11, 2020, Chief Judge Sharon Sullivan, County Division, Circuit Court of Cook County will join Deputy Supervisor of the Real Estate Tax Division, Assistant State’s Attorney Cristin Duffy, and several well-known, attorneys as they explain how this new program will work.

2019 Equalization Factor for Cook County

The Illinois Department of Revenue has set the 2019 equalization factor to be applied to all Cook County tax bills as 2.9160. That factor is virtually unchanged from 2018 and is surprisingly high, considering that the assessments in the north and northwest suburbs have substantially increased. The 2019 final equalization factor increased from the 2019 tentative factor of 2.7523.

Late Property Tax Payments

Late tax bill payment status for the the following Illinois counties:

Cook: The County Board is going to consider a proposal to permit certain tax bill payments  to be delayed up to 60 days.

DuPage: The county will allow certain tax bills to be paid late if a “hardship waiver” is obtained.

Lake: The county will allow certain tax bills to be paid late according to rules to be developed by the Treasuer.

Board Certified

The Cook County Board of Review has certified the 2019 assessment rolls. Property tax bills will be in the mail on time.

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