Fitzgerald Law Group, P.C. was incorporated on November 21, 1987 in the state of Illinois and registered with the Supreme Court of Illinois as a law firm, on December 28, 1987.  Business operations commenced on January 2, 1988.

These materials have been prepared by the Fitzgerald Law Group for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. This information is not intended to create and receipt of it does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Internet subscribers and online readers should not act upon information contained within this web site without seeking legal counsel.

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All requests for an attorney substitution must be executed by the client and sent in an original form to Fitzgerald Law Group, P.C. as follows:

**Mail via USPS regular mail or overnight delivery via UPS, FedEx or DHL to the office located at 7035 High Grove Blvd. Burr Ridge, Illinois 60527, ATTN: Diana Maurer.
Registered or Certified U.S. mail will not be accepted.

All such request will be processed promptly.

Additional Terms and Conditions
*Contracts between Fitzgerald Law Group, P.C. and a client are not assignable to subsequent owners and/or lessees without the prior written consent of Fitzgerald Law Group, P.C.

*Payments for services rendered are via check, EFT or letter of credit drawn from a U.S. bank. We do not accept cash under any circumstances.

*Charges to clients for services rendered by an attorney, which are not covered under our contingent fee agreement, are at the rate of $460.00 per hour.

*Assessment decreases are generally effective for the balance of the Triennial reassessment period unless identified as being in effect for a lesser period. The Assessor may adjust the final assessment annually. In the event of such an adjustment, Attorney reserves the right to file subsequent appeals contesting the adjustment. Client agrees that such subsequent Assessor adjustments will not invalidate any preexisting obligations with respect to previous billing for reductions obtained.

* Clients are advised to pay their property tax bills in a timely manner unless advised otherwise by Attorney, in writing. Such tax payment shall be considered a condition precedent to continued legal representation under this agreement. Failure to timely pay a property tax bill, by either the Client or Client’s agent, shall render this agreement for legal services voidable and all earned fee’s shall be accelerated and become due, upon notice to the client.
Last Amended June 1, 2012

Privacy Policy Notice
Attorneys like other professionals who advise on personal financial matters, are required by US and EU law to inform their clients of their policies regarding privacy of client information. Attorneys have been and continue to be bound by professional standards of confidentiality that are much more stringent than those required by privacy laws.

In the process of providing our clients with tax advice, we receive significant personal financial information from and about our clients. If you are a client of the Fitzgerald Law Group, P.C. you should know that all the information we receive from you is held in the strictest confidence and is not released to people outside our firm, except as agreed by you or as required under an applicable law.

We retain records relating to professional services that we provide so that we are better able to assist you with your professional needs and in some cases to comply with professional guidelines. In order to guard your non-public personal information, we maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with our professional standards, and we review and adjust these safeguards regularly in response to advances in technology.

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