Upon written engagement, Fitzgerald Law Group will take whatever steps are necessary in order to obtain the lowest possible legal property tax assessment. The client is always kept closely advised as to all important developments in the case. After a case is concluded, we continue to monitor the property’s assessments and review the tax bills for accuracy.


We take great care to ensure that our services are provided at a reasonable cost. When requested, we sometimes offer retainer agreements that are customized to suit a particular client’s needs.


Comprehensive services include:

A physical inspection of the property and review of the Assessor’s records in order to ascertain accuracy:

An analysis of data relative to the subject property, for the purpose of determining its fair market value.

A report to the client of our findings with specific recommendations as to the most appropriate and cost-effective means of minimizing the assessed valuation.

Preparation, filing of Appeals, and presentation of evidence before the Assessor, Board of Review, Property Tax Appeals Board, or in the Circuit Court, if necessary.

Complimentary advice regarding the probable property tax ramifications of prospective purchases or leases of business or investment grade real estate, tax incentives / abatements or exemptions.

RCRA and CERCLA Liability

We represent property owners and taxpayers with demonstrated RCRA and/or CERCLA liability.


From time to time, we are consulted by other property tax attorneys who find themselves in the midst of an assessment proceeding and for various reasons, are feeling challenged. Depending upon the need, we are available for an array of services ranging from a complimentary second opinion of your file to overseeing or even conducting an adversarial proceeding.

Pro Bono Program

We offer property tax legal services to all active members of the U.S. Armed Services. Qualified persons in need of services should contact Fitzgerald Law Group.