COOK COUNTY ASSESSOR’S OFFICE        Fritz Kaegi, Assessor

Dear Commissioner,

This letter is to notify you that our office is correcting a significant number of property values in the South and West Suburbs for Tax Year 2023. The land value, a factor that contributes to the total assessed value of your property, was calculated incorrectly. This resulted in a higher assessed value of many properties. Only properties in the South and West suburbs were affected.

The Cook County Assessor’s Office (CCA) is making the necessary changes to ensure these property owners receive corrected tax bills. Due to the timing of this correction, Second Installment Property Tax Bills with the incorrect assessed value are already in production. Therefore, a corrected tax bill will be sent in the mail soon after the property owner receives the incorrect tax bill. This corrected tax bill is called a Certificate of Error.

Here is an outline of how this process will work:

  1. Property owners will be sent a letter notifying them of the miscalculation and their property’s updated assessed value.
  2. Property owners will receive a Second Installment Property Tax Bill in the mail before it is due. Please note: the assessed value and amount owed on this bill will be incorrect.
  3. Shortly after the incorrect bill is received the property owner will receive a document called a Certificate of Error that contains the updated assessed value of their property and the correct property tax amount owed.

Property owners do not need to take any action to correct their tax bills. Here is some additional information about this issue.

How will property owners find out what their corrected assessed value will be?

The corrected assessed value is listed on the letter we will send property owners about the issue.

How does this affect a property owner’s second installment property tax bill?

Tax bills are based on several factors, including their assessed value. Because the CCAO is correcting their property’s assessed value, the tax bill will be reduced.

How can property owners view their corrected tax bill amount?

Prior to the second installment due date, property owners can go to and look up the correct tax bill amount or call the Assessor’s Office.

What happens to those who escrow their property taxes or if they accidentally pay the non-corrected tax bill?

They will receive a refund in the mail from the Treasurer’s Office in approximately 4-6 weeks in the amount of their overpayment.

The CCAO regrets and apologizes for the inconvenience this may cause. Our mission is to assess all properties accurately and correct any mistakes as quickly as possible.



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