Women’s Property Tax Association

Diversity Scholarship Winner
Dana Pointer
Cook County Board of Review
Director of Community Engagement
We are pleased to announce the winner of the Women’s Property Tax Association Diversity Scholarship as Ms. Dana Pointer. Ms. Pointer has worked at the Cook County Board of Review since 2006, and has risen to become the Director of Community Engagement for the Third District. Since taking the position in 2017, Ms. Pointer hosted over 150 community outreach events across Cook County, implemented a texting service and expanded an email database to expand the Board of Review’s ability to reach members of the community. As she stated in her application, “I have noticed a larger number of minority homeowners and small business owners did not know that they had the opportunity to appeal the assessment placed on their property, or even how to start the process.” Ms. Pointer works tirelessly with community advocates, religious organizations, and public officials to reach and educate the underserved community members.
In addition to working full time at the Board of Review, Ms. Pointer completed an internship at Chicago State University where her three-part series on property tax in Cook County was published. Her series is available to read here.
Ms. Pointer’s mission to educate as many people as possible about the remedies available to them is closely aligned with that of the Women’s Property Tax Association. She plans to use this scholarship to further her own education, which she will then impart on others.
Congratulations, Dana Pointer!