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Tax News

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Cook County Assessor Kaegi Seeks a Redo of the 2023 Triennial Reassessment!

June 7, 2024|Categories: Cook County|

COOK COUNTY ASSESSOR'S OFFICE        Fritz Kaegi, Assessor Dear Commissioner, This letter is to notify you that our office is correcting a significant number of property values in the South and West Suburbs for Tax Year 2023. The land value, a factor that contributes to the total assessed value of your property, was calculated incorrectly. This resulted in [...]

2023 Reassessment Finalized

May 8, 2024|Categories: Cook County|

The Cook County Board of Review has certified the last remaining towns, in effect, finalizing the 2023 triennial reassessment. The assessment data had been sent to the Illinois Department of Revenue where the tax multiplier will be developed. From there, the Cook County Clerk will calculate the local rates and the Cook County Treasurer will produce the tax bills. Bills [...]

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